Master Clean Group

Our Commercial Services

Whether your office comprises of 500 or 50,000 square feet, Master Clean Group offers programs tailored to your specific corporate and individual needs. From weekly general office cleaning, to regular bi-weekly visits, we deliver a standard of courteous, professional service that is above and beyond.  
We understand that your company's appearance is a reflection of the way you conduct your business, thus a reflection of how we conduct ours! That's why we only use fully trained professional's with criminally screened backgrounds.
We customize each job, each and every time we visit. 
Our commerical cleaning services include:
  • Vacuuming all floors
  • Removal of trash and relining trash cans
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all bathrooms
  • Disinfecting switch plates, doorknobs and phones
  • Dusting all furniture and wall-hangings
  • Dusting and wiping desktops
  • Lobbies and small areas
  • Window cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning (dish washing) as needed
  • Carpet and rags cleaning as needed
  • Mopping or scrubbing all hard floors
  • Floors burnishing with high sped burnish
Additional services available

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